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BiomicAgritech grows  trellised vegetables

downward on rotatable tubes

eliminates the need of trellising,

leaning & lowering.

Our vision is

Fully Robotic Greenhouse


The Need

Trellised vegetables plant like tomatoes, cucumbers, has no strength to grow upward, so the grower ties the plant to vertical wires. This proccess is called Trellising.
The plant can reach a length of 15 meters and more, so after harvesting, the plant is lowered and the stem is leaned.
The labor of preparation, trellising, leaning & lowering is more than 40% of the labor consumption in greenhouses.

What is trellising

What is leaning & lowering

The Method

Growing top down from ratatable tubes

Trellising is done by Gravity

trellising done by gravity.jpeg

Leaning & lowering is replaced by wrapping the stems on the tube, by rotating the tubes at a push of a button.

7 Months of growing tomatoes in 2 minutes

3 Months of growing cucumbers in 2 minutes

BiomicAgritech Advantages

Less labor

Trellising is done by gravity

• Leaning & Lowering is replaced by tubes rotation, at a push of a button

Productivity increase

Less stem junction damage

• Less viruses infection due to less human touch   


No plastic wires and accessories parts for trellising and for leaning & lowering

 Pure organic material after uprooting the plants

• Ideal solution for vertical and urban agriculture


Tube rotation app controlled

• Easier robotic fruit picking

• Clean floor used for coveyors

• Paves the way to a fully robotic greenhouse

ROI (Return Of Investment)

In less than 4 years due to labor save only

With BiomicAgritech - no need in preparations for trellising

With BiomicAgritech - planting is easier (not bended)

With BiomicAgritech - trellising is eliminated

With BiomicAgritech - harvesting is easier

BiomicAgritech Helps Sustainability

By BiomicAgritech - No plastic wires and accessories for trellising and for leaning

Sustainability 2.jpeg
Sustainability 4.jpeg

With BiomicAgritech - no Stem junction damage

Traditional cultivation
With our system
no damage
Traditional cultivation
7 minute PITCH PERES.jpg

The Vision - Fully Robotic Greenhouse

Growing top down leaves a clean floor, which will be used for conveyors. The Harvested fruit will be conveyed to the packaging area, removed Leaves and suckers will be conveyed to composting area.


The whole greenhouse will be monitored by cameras, and robotic arms, running on cables from above, will do the harvesting and will remove leaves and suckers.


Many companies are working on robots for greenhouses, no one is working on robotic
trellising. So, we are the only one that can fulfill a fully robotic greenhouse.

BiomicAgritech Pitch

On The Media

BiomicAgritech On economic broadcast on TV

BiomicAgritech On Hortidaily





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BiomicAgritech in GreenTech Amsterdam 2023

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BiomicAgritech On Fruitnet - Eurofruit


Contact BiomicAgritech 

Dr. Eliezer Edelstein     Ph.D Mechanical Eng,  LL.B Law, MBA  -  Initiator

Ronit Edelstein             Agronomist  -  CTO



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